The Doors of Trithius is a turn-based RPG set in a randomly generated fantasy world. Our goal is to combine intricate combat of turn based games, with the exploration and skilling systems of openworld fantasy games.

Quests, random events, dungeons, monsters, and skills are all modular, meaning new content we add is seamlessly integrated into the dungeon and world generation.

Random Generation

  • All game dungeons, along with the main world map, are procedurally generated.
  • The generation process itself changes based on the type of dungeon. The example to the left is a castle filled with long corridors.


  • In The Doors of Trithius, skills must be discovered before they can be used.
  • Each skill has numerous lessons that can be learned which unlock new bonuses and abilities.
  • Simply leveling up the skills will not unlock everything. Players must explore the world, visit trainers, and discover for themselves how to bolster their abilities.

Turn-Based Combat

  • Unique tick-based combat system. Turn priority is returned to the player based on weapon speed.
  • Careful tactics and preparation are required. Each dungeon is a puzzle as enemies stun, burn, poison, and attempt to surround you.
  • Customize your build with 9 weapon types and over 30 combat abilities.

Available on Steam