The Doors of Trithius is an RPG Roguelike under active development and available on steam.

Fight monsters, avoid traps, collect loot, manage your wounds and more as you traverse the mysterious world of Enalia.

Random Generation

All game dungeons, along with the main world map, are procedurally generated.

The generation process itself changes based on the type of dungeon. The example to the left is a castle filled with long corridors.

Turn-Based Combat

Unique tick-based combat system. Turn priority is returned to the player based on weapon speed.

Careful tactics and preparation are required. Each dungeon is a puzzle as enemies stun, burn, poison, and attempt to surround you.

Customize your build with 9 weapon types and over 30 combat abilities.

Monster Variation

60+ enemy types hunt, flee, and wander the dungeons found on Enalia.

25+ monster traits such as "Shroud", "Herd Mentality", and "Extreme Healing" giving each monster a unique flavour.


Test your grit against 6 unique dungeon types, and the wilderness biomes spread throughout the world


In The Doors of Trithius, skills must be discovered before they can be used.

Each skill has it's own skill tree, allowing you to unlock numerous abilities and passives.

Simply leveling up the skills will not unlock everything. Players must explore the world, visit trainers, and discover for themselves how to bolster their abilities.

Check the road map to see a list of all available and upcoming skills!

Travel & Exploration

A vast world filled with dungeons, cities & towns, and wilderness.

Any tile can be explored.


100+ recipes inlcuding food, potions, medicine, and armor upgrades.


Hundreds of items! Potions, food, weapons, armor, medicine, ingredients, enchantments, ability scrolls...

Wound System

Wounds are inflicted from enemy attack or from the environment. Beware of crippling bear-traps, venomous spiders, and bleeding sword swings.

Character Customization

Choose from 7 character backgrounds and 30+ starting traits.


The game is being developed with a long-term plan in mind, inspired by games like Dwarf Fortress where new features were continually added over many years. The goal is for a truly massive RPG world with new features to discover on every playthrough.

That said, the current version is a good reflection of what the final product will play and feel like. There is nothing missing that would make a playthrough heavily unbalanced.

For more details on the state of development check out the Road Map, Dev Blog, Steam Discussion Board.

Available on Steam