Last updated Nov 23, 2023

Table of Contents
  • Standard - Planned item.
  • In Development - Something we are currently focused on and should be in an upcoming patch.
  • Partially Finished - Item is in the game, but missing substantial amount of features or content.
  • Finished - Largely finished. May still require tweaks, balancing, or some new content.
  • Extend dungeons - New room types, events, traps, and layouts for existing dungeons. Much more variety over all.
  • Weapon abilities - Continue adding variety to weapon abilities.
  • Equipment - Continue adding new weapons and equipment. Gear is divided in tiers, with tiers 1-3 largely fleshed out and in the game. We have plans for 2-3 more tiers.
Usability / Quality of Life
User Interface
  • Keybindings - support editing keybindings.
  • Multiple hotbars - multiple hotbars and hotbar switching.
  • Inventory sorting - inventory sort options.
  • Favoriting items - mark items as favorite in the inventory to keep them at the top.
  • Hotbar items - Binding items to the hotbar.
  • Combat log - Coloured logs for combat, quests, and events with options to toggle information on or off.
  • Draggable combat log - click and drag combat log to anywhere on the screen.
  • UI scaling & font scaling - larger fonts and user interface settings for those with higher resolutions.
  • World Scaling - ability to scale the size of the game world graphics.
  • Stat pane categories - icons & collapsable categories for the stats pane to add clarity, and make room to show more details.
  • Hotbar stacking - option to enable multiple visible hotbars at the same time.
  • Shop icons - show on the overworld which shops a town has after it’s been discovered.
  • Map markers - ability to place markers or notes onto the map.
Keyboard Support
  • Keyboard movement.
  • Keyboard pick up items.
  • Keyboard opening and closing doors.
  • Keyboard open chests and lootable objects.
  • Keyboard interact with other map features (statues, workbenches).
  • Keyboard targeting with abilities.
  • Keyboard inventory navigation.
  • Option to speed up game animations.
  • A way to "force move" and smoother movement in general, even when enemies are nearby.
  • Right click to show details about tiles on the overworld.
    • TODO: extra information is shown based on abilities.
  • Enemy inspection so see basic details like health.
    • TODO: extra information is shown based on abilities.
  • Multiple Game Saves - support multiple save files for the same game.
  • Guide - an in-game guide with a separate page for major concepts, and for each every skill. Clicking on a skill jumps to the guide page for that skill.
  • Linux compatibility.
Major Features
Exploration & Overworld
  • Wilderness events - Events that can happen while travelling and will pull the player into the map tile (you will have to travel on roads if you want to be safe!).
  • Roads - add roads to the main map generation. Roads will effect movement speed and exert city influence.
  • Travel Weariness - New mechanic for in the overworld; remove travel hunger.
  • Wilderness regeneration - Wilderness tiles regenerate over time meaning new plants grow, wildlife respawns.
    • TODO: wildlife respawning still not complete (waiting on the hunting skill).
  • Wilderness Structures - special structures that appear randomly in the wilderness: cave entrances, hunting cabins, altars, temples, fairy circles, and more.
  • Caravan system - service to fast travel to major cities.
  • Farms - Hamlets become farms with harvestable vegetables, farm animals, and farmer NPCs which can be traded with.
  • NPC Schedules - NPCs have schedules and more around town based on the time of day.
  • Civilian houses - Add civilians & houses, allow them to integrate with quests.
  • Inn Rooms - add multiple floors, support renting room at the inn to store items.
  • Player Housing - player can buy a house in town and purchase upgrades.
  • Reputation system - track player reputation per zone, reward reputation for quest completion, and add perks for higher reputation.
  • Mayor's house - add mayors house to each town, which will have more major quest lines for the towns.
  • Town Guard - town guard attacks player with lower reputation.
  • Stalls - Towns have shop stalls, which can be traveller traders, rare traders, or standard goods.
  • Rare NPCs - Individual NPCs can spawn with towns and offer unique and special services, such as enchanting items.
Character Creation
  • Background selection - support selecting a character background.
  • Trait selection - traits can be chosen, based on the selected background.
  • Skill selection - pick your major and minor skills.
  • Unique Background Skills - Each character background has it's own skill tree for that background only.
  • Appearance - Change the appearance of your character.
  • Weapon Selection - Allow select starting weapon.
  • Hardcore Mode / Perma-death - new setting to be added.
  • Easy mode - add an easy mode option.
  • Game modifiers - Special modifiers which significantly change the game.
Dungeon Events
These are infestations or magical effects that have a chance to spawn into dungeons. This list only contains planned events. Long-term the plan is to have many (hopefully over 10).
  • Bloodworms - Bloodworms can spawn into dungeons, build nests, and hatch ravagers.
  • Ghosts - Ghosts can appear in dungeons and curse players.
  • Bandit Elites - High level bandits can place their hide out in dungeons and drop high level gear.
  • Nyserium Leak - Nyserium magic has leaked into the dungeon.
  • Streaal Leak - Streaal magic has leaked into the dungeon.
  • Magic Shop - rare shop can sometimes be found in dungeons.
  • ...remaining events
  • Potion Identification - Potions start unidentified, but can be unidentified using abilities or paying an alchemist.
  • Music - music for each dungeon type and map area (will continue to update as new areas are added)
  • Starter dungeon - Complete overhaul of the starter dungeon.
  • Wisdom Investment - investment mechanic will provide bonus XP to help balance wide vs tall builds.
  • Ability Upgrades - spending focus points to upgrade abilities.
  • Leafborn Faction - this faction is aligned with nature and have their own structures in the wilderness.
    • TODO: quest line and advanced services not yet complete.
  • Behemoths - Legendary monsters that wander the world and will attack factions, towns, and the player.
  • Faction armies - Factions will create armies which move around the map and attack behemoths and other faction structures.
  • Monster sounds - unique sounds for each monster or monster type.
  • Skill trainers - NPCs that can be paid to give levels, and sell skill-related items and new abilities.
  • Steam Achievements
  • Death screen - show detailed stats on death.
  • Potions sickness - new mechanic to make potions less over-powered.
Main Quest
Takes the player through the main storyline of the game.
Main Quest Line - Act 1
  • Early Version - add major boss and dungeon to act as victory point of the game until quest line is completed.
  • Ineo Temple - starter dungeon.
  • Meeting Sagohai
  • The First Door
Main Quest Line - Act 2
  • The Second Door
  • Facing Moreld
  • Searching
  • Roots of Dyrisa
  • Main Quest Line - Act 3
    • Helping Hand
    • Full Circle
    • The Third Door
    Faction Quests
    Each faction will have a major quest leading to a boss, and some side quests.
  • Machinists
    • Main Quest - The Machine.
    • Side Quests - ongoing (1 done).
  • Gremlins
    • Main Quest - Gremlin's Grief
    • Side Quests - ongoing (1 done).
  • Bandits
    • Main Quest
    • Side Quests - ongoing (1 done).
  • Cultists
    • Main Quest
    • Side Quests - ongoing (0 done).
    One-time quests that will appear randomly in the world. This list is not complete and only shows quests which have been fully planned.
    • Gremlin Terror
    • Haunted Cave
    • Confidential Matter
    • Formless Face
    • The Sword of the Ages
    Dynamic Quests
    • Quests - Continue implementing dynamic quests (ongoing - 8/20).
    Each faction will have procedurally generated standard dungeons, and unique dungeons, which are more hand-crafted and contain content unique to that dungeon only. Unique dungeons will typically be related to the faction quests.
    • Standard Bandit Castle - Hard
    • Standard Bandit Castle - Medium
    • Bandit Fort.
    • Unique Bandit Dungeon #1 (Blackwood Marauders)
    • Unique Bandit Dungeon #2
    • Unique Bandit Dungeon #3
    • Unique Bandit Dungeon #4
    • Unique Bandit Dungeon #5
    • Standard Gremlin Castle - Hard
    • Standard Gremlin Castle - Medium
    • Gremlin Fort.
    • Unique Gremlin Fortress #1
    • Unique Gremlin Fortress #2
    • Unique Gremlin Fortress #3
    • Unique Gremlin Fortress #4
    • Unique Gremlin Fortress #5
    • Heat Caves
    • Mushroom Caves
    • Haunted Caves
    • Standard Temple
    • Unique Temple #1 (Ineo Temple)
    • Unique Temple #2 (Arallu Temple)
    • Unique Temple #3 (Trahasis Temple)
    • Unique Temple #4 (Duranki Temple)
    • Unique Temple #5 (Unnamed)
    Wizard Towers
    • Wizard Tower #1 (Moreld's Tower)
    • Wizard Tower #2 (Unnamed)
    • Wizard Tower #3 (Unnamed)
    • Wizard Tower #4 (Unnamed)
    • Wizard Tower #5 (Unnamed)
    • Wizard Tower #6 (Unnamed)
    • Wizard Tower #7 (Unnamed)
    • Wizard Tower #8 (Unnamed)
    • Wizard Tower #9 (Unnamed)
    • Wizard Tower #10 (Unnamed)
    Cultist Dungeons
    • Still in early planning.
    Ancient Temples
    • Still in early planning.
    • Still in early planning.
    Map Biomes
    • Mountainous
    • Desert
    • Forest
      • TODO: special events and new wildlife (partially waiting on the hunting skill).
    • Plains
      • Currently plains are variation on the forest. A unique biome will be added.
    • Swamp
    • Dark Forest
    • River
    • Volcanic
    Map Regions
    Map regions are integrated zones within the game world, linking quests, dungeons, biomes, and lore to establish a cohesive area. Completion of regions will require associated other items. For example, the Desert biome will be necessary for the Sunscorched Wastes.
    • GreenHaven
    • Highcrown Peaks
    • Sunscorched Wastes
    • Whispering Glade
    • Ashen Caldera
    • Mirelands
    Non-combat Skills
    Crafting Skills
    Supports creation of items.
    • Cooking - Used to craft foods. Food gives health and energy over time along with secondary bonus effects.
    • Alchemy - Used to craft potions which give instant effects. 12 potion types currently exist with more to come.
    • Enchanting - Used to apply enchantments to equipment.
      • TODO: Add tier 3 enchantments (only T2 and T1 enchantments added so far).
    • Brewing - Used to craft beers, ales, and teas, providing psychological bonuses such as reduced fear along with secondary bonus effects.
    Gathering Skills
    Supports gathering of items.
    • Botany - Gathering of mushrooms and flowers.
    • Farming - Planting and gathering of raw vegetables.
    • Animal Harvesting - Ability to collect crafting ingredients from slain beasts.
    • Fishing (?)
    • Mining (?)
    Interaction Skills
    Interacting with a specific gameplay element.
    • Medicine - Healing and mitigating of wounds.
      • TODO: add ability upgrades.
    • Quartermastery - Gear maintenance, modification and loot organization.
      • TODO: add ability upgrades.
    • Travel - Assists with overworld movement speed, view distance, and reduces chance of negative travel events.
      • TODO: add ability upgrades.
    • Reading - Reading of books to unlock knowledge which can be spent on knowledge bonuses.
      • TODO: More books and knowledge bonuses.
    • Devotion - Enhances interactions with the Gods. Used to mitigate effects of ghosts.
    • Hunting - Supports hunting of wild game, placing of hunting traps. Huntable animals are easily startled and will quickly disappear without hunting.
    • Traps - Crafting and placement of combat traps.
    • Bartering - Improve shop prices.
    • Ethology - The study of animals. Allows the player to see more details about enemies, such as health, movement speed, and intended attacks.
    Gameplay Style
    Skills that supports a style of gameplay or combat.
    • Chivalry - Unique skill to the Knight. Abilities to support a defensive melee playstyle.
    • Dreadheart - Unique skill to the Mercenary. Abilities to support an aggressive melee playstyle.
    • Warrapt - Generalist melee skill for use with all backgrounds. The study of advanced combat techniques.
    • Athletics - Provides mobility and enhances movement speed.
      • TODO: add ability upgrades.
    • Survival - Provides a variety of bonuses to enhance survival capabilities. Reduces hunger rate.
      • TODO: add ability upgrades.
    • Stealth - Reduces chance of being seen, along with mobility to enhance a stealthy playstyle.
    • Trickery - Supports a "trickery" themed combat playstyle, to confuse and debuff opponents.
    • Magic Enhancement - Provides generalized bonuses to magic, can be used in conjunction with any magic school.
    • Brawling - Unique skill to the Brawler.
    • Ranger/Instinct - Unique skill to the Ranger.
    Hidden skills that are unlocked through gameplay. Typically will have less abilities than the standard skills.
      • Attunement - new mechanic called attunement, will also include magic wounds. This will be required to make way for upcoming magic schools.
      • Magic Gear - Add good amount of robes and other gear for magic classes, add magic gear shops.
      Magic Schools
      • Nature Magic - Provides access to summoning spells, healing, and other nature related magic.
      • Tempest Magic - Raw elemental magic, includes lightning, ice, wind, and fire spells.
      • Oosh - Self-control and mastery of the body. Spells include harden skin, dodge, increased stamina, and unarmed combat techniques.
      • Whimsy Magic - Fairy magic involving subtle and playful effects including charms and misdirection spells.
      • Pertorium Magic - Dark magic created by the Realmwalker Pertor, includes summoning, life drain, and the management of dark energy.
      • Frenzy Magic - Frenzied nature magic. Includes spells to grow and mutate plants and animals.
      • Blood Magic - Magic is empowered by bleeding entities, trading life for power.
      • Decay Magic - Centered around disease and pestilence. Decay magic infects the environment to set up combo situations and summon plague creatures.
      • Zun - Magic school centered around gaining access to the realm of Zaratola, and using it to bring back bonuses.
    Weapon Masteries
    • Swords
    • Daggers
    • Axes
    • Maces
    • Flails
    • Staffs

    • Archery
    • Arbalism
    • Throwing Weapons
    • Spears
    • Halberds
    • Tridents