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July 7, 2022

Patch Notes - v0.4.3

New abilities for Chivalry and Athletics! The Chivalry and Athletics skills go hand in hand as the two early game defensive options, so it made sense to give them a refresh at the same time.

Also included is a rework of the hunger mechanic, and some mathematical balancing relating to Movement Speed and Attack Speed. Actually that last thing is a pretty significant change (though admittedly it's pretty hard to hype in a patch notes).

Save files from v0.4.2 are not compatible.


The Chivalry skill has received 7 new abilities, giving new options for how to spend your focus points at every level.

Several of these abilities use entirely new mechanics, for example "Shield Deflection" which deflects incoming arrow fire to nearby adjacent targets.


Added 7 new abilities to the Athletics skill. Passive Athletic abilities now fall under two categories: "The Way of Fitness" and "The Way of Shadow".

Similar to Chivalry, these abilities introduce new mechanics, for example "Dive Roll" which adds a new evasion stat, allowing you to avoid enemy damage by immediately rolling to adjacent tile.

Hunger Rework

When full health the player will now very rarely get hungry. Only when gaining energy or healing will hunger significantly increase.

This means you can now shop in town or explore dungeons without needing to eat every 100 steps.

Hunger was introduced as a counter to resting. I didn't want players simply holding space whenever they were wounded to gain full health. But as it turns out, forcing the player to constantly click an item in their inventory no matter the situation is not the best experience.
Note - the Survival passive is still good!

Monster Levels

The Doors of Trithius now has over 60 different monster types. It was time to implement a system for more accurately assigning levels and to check for balance.

To help with this, I calculated a power level score for each creature which takes into account their defensive, offense, and mobility.

Attack & Movement Speed

Movement Speed and Attack Speed now scale based off a formula. This means the more bonus Movement Speed the less benefit (as a total percent) you will gain from stacking more.

From the beginning, my goal has been to keep stats as simple as possible. For example, I wanted "Physical Resist" to be the actual amount of damage reduced, not some "Armor Rating" number that is fed into a formula to calculate a final value.
However, given the increasing complexity of the game and the number of options available to the player this approach has reached its limit. Particularly for speed which can reach a tipping point where the player becomes unbeatable by stacking many different speed bonuses at once.

Other Changes

Bug Fixes

July 7, 2022

Patch Notes - v0.4.3b

Fixed negative speeds calculating incorrectly.

July 8, 2022

Patch Notes - v0.4.3c

July 8, 2022

Patch Notes - v0.4.3d

Fixed game crash when right-clicking already unlock passive abilities.