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July 1, 2022

Patch Notes - v0.4.2

This update includes Monster Traits, new Medicine abilities, Bleed wound changes, along with bug fixes and balance changes in response to the previous update.

Save files from v0.4.1 are compatible.

Monster Traits

Monster Traits are small icons that appear when right-click inspecting a monster to give extra detail about what that entity can do. Hover an icon to see details.

Medicine Skill

The medicine skill needed some more abilities to make it an appealing option to invest in.

Severe Bleeds

Bleed wounds have been separated into two stages, starting off as "Bleed (Severe)" which deal 2 damage per turn, but turn into regular "Bleed" wounds after 10 turns, which deal significantly less damage.

Overall, bleed wounds will now deal more damage up front and last longer, but deal a similar amount of damage overall.

Wounds were always meant to be an on-going annoyance that had the possibility to get out of hand once you had to many. Before, you were incentivized to always deal with a bleed wound right away.
With this change, there is more of an option to let the bleed wound sit for longer, while still making bleeds an effective tool during combat,

Other Changes

Bug Fixes

July 2, 2022

Patch Notes - v0.4.2b

Fixed game crash when using bandages.