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June 27, 2022

Patch Notes - v0.4.1

Today's patch introduces enchantments and enchanted items, the associated enchanting skill, new high-level temple dungeons, and good thingies. Seriously, it's quite a lot!

Enchanted Items

Enchanted items can now be found throughout the world.

Enchanting Skill

Enchanting is a new skill that allows you to place enchantments on your weapons and armor.

Temple Dungeons

The world now spawns with 20+ high-level temple dungeons. These dungeons are a great source for enchanting crystals, but beware the danger.

Several floors down you'll find factory floors, which are wide open and crawling with enemies.

You'll find new enemies, machinery, and special types of interactions, including an alarm system which sends hunters out in response to machinery being attacked.

Paper Doll Inventory

The inventory UI has been updated to display equipped items as a paper doll. Status icons now appear below each item.


If you look closely at the above inventory image you'll see 3 new gear slots: 2 rings, and 1 necklace.

10 ring and necklace items have been added, which can be found as loot and in shops, and they can be enchanted to make your character even stronger.

Ammo Types

Introducing ammo types. Bolts and arrows must now be equipped before use, allowing you to select the desired type of ammo.

There are 5 arrow types, and 5 bolt types each offering different bonuses. New ammo types can be found in dungeons and are also sold from shops.

Combat Log

The text log now shows combat details including damage dealt, damage received, and applied status effects.

Hotbar Items

Items can now be added to the ability bar. Simply right-click any usable item and select "Add to Hotbar".

Other Changes

June 29, 2022

Patch Notes - v0.4.1b