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March 4, 2022

Patch Notes - v0.3.5

Hello! We have a big update today: ghosts & curses, druid villages, potion identification, and some major loot, prices & crafting rebalances.

We'd also like to give a special thanks to Juki. Having started out as a fan of the game, Juki has taken on a development role, putting an immense amount of work into testing and implementing changes for this update. Welcome to the team Juki!

The Keepers Guild

These nature-loving druids call themselves "The Keepers" and offer a variety of shops and services to the player.

These villages offer a nice hub for Magic or staff-based builds; more to come when the reputation system is added. Reputation will unlock guild membership, new quests, along with guild bonuses.

Item Curses

Items can now become cursed by ghosts, or from drinking a cursed potion.

Curses were added to encourage swapping between and using multiple weapons, but also to increase the complexity and difficulty of later dungeons. What can we say? It's a dangerous world.


Ghosts are a new creature type, found throughout Enalia in both castles and caves.

Ghosts go hand in hand with curses and should add some difficult decision making pressure. Passing turns to heal or staying on the same dungeon floor for long periods of time is no longer as safe as it used to be.

Potion Identification

All potions are now by default "Unidentified", and will have to be identified for the player to learn what they are.

Potions were very strong and useful for all builds, therefore we wanted their usage to require more investment.

Potion Identification is also a roguelike classic. With this change, we tip our hats to the many great roguelikes who have come before.

Tile Inspection

All tiles on the overworld map can now be right-clicked, revealing details about the location, including active quests, and when it was last visited.

Tiles are also highlighted blue if there is a quest at that location. The highlight appears even in fog of war.

Price Rebalance

Without a proper merchanting system, the price fluctuations over time was more annoying than anything else. With this change, it's easier for the player to learn prices and make reasonable decisions, and also for us to balance prices.

Especially impacted are food, potion, and raw resource sell prices. Selling these items should no longer be so easy of an approach to profit-making.

Our intention long-term is to increase the difficulty and skill required to hit that point where the player feels they have all the items they need, and gold is no longer valuable.

Loot Rebalance

Other Changes

Bug Fixes