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February 12, 2022

Patch Notes - v0.3.4

Introducing the botany skill! Botany is used to harvest and identify flowers, but watch out! Failing to harvest a plant can mean danger with a chance for critical failure events.

Also included this patch is item sorting, the ability to mark items as favorite, and new equipment art.


Botany is a new skill and can be selected like other skills at the start of the game.

Item Favoriting

Right click or use the shortcut key (F) to favorite items. Favorited items appear with a star and are pinned to top of the inventory.

Item Sorting

Items can now be sorted by favorite, weight, name, or type.

Many items have been switched to new categories to help the sort by type make more sense. For example, flowers and mushrooms are now separate item types.

Equipment Art

New equipment art should give these shields and armor a distinct look.

Bug Fixes

February 13, 2021

Patch Notes - v0.3.4b

Bug Fixes