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January 31, 2022

Patch Notes - v0.3.3

Caves have been reworked, which means new monster types, items, room types, enemy behaviors, and more.

On top of this we've added a new type of quest "Bandit Hunter", along with 10 new combat abilities which can be discoverable through Ability Scrolls.


Added new dungeon types each with their own monsters and biome "Heat Caves" and "Forest Caves". A minimum of 3 will spawn with each world.

Bandit Elites

Bandit Elites are high-level bandits who can be hunted for their unique drops.

This is quite a significant change for us, as it required extending the questing system to allow quests to insert customized map content into other dungeons. Before a map even generates, quests are now able to modify the map generation code to be executed for that map.
Now that this change is in place, we're excited to add more complex quests in the future, especially those that take place across multiple zones.

Ability Scrolls

Added 10 new combat abilities which can be unlocked through semi-rare Ability Scrolls. These scrolls are a new item type and can be found as loot rewards (they are not sold in towns).

Missile Deflection

Missile Deflection is a new stat introduced this update, and represents the chance to deflect an arrow or bolt causing it to deal no damage.

In the long-term we'd like each type of player build have some dungeons or content that is especially difficult. Missile Deflection does that for ranged players, making caves especially dangerous for that playstyle.


Our first step towards stealth mechanics. Introducing the "Stealth" stat, which increases the difficulty for enemies to see the player.

Other changes

Bug fixes

January 31, 2021

Patch Notes - v0.3.3b

February 1, 2021

Patch Notes - v0.3.3c