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August 6, 2021

Patch Notes - v0.2.9

Welcome! This is quite a large and varied update as we prepare for the Steam release on August 16.

Along with quality of life and usability fixes, this patch introduces a new skill-unlocking system which should shake things up quite a bit for our experienced players.

Unlocking skills

Discovered skills can no longer be used immediately, but must first be unlocked using wisdom.

After an initial few levels player builds were becoming samey, as players would simply discover and use every skill available. By adding a cost to skill acquisition we hope to make character builds more deliberate and varied.

This change will also slow down the rate at which players experience new content, where previously players where overwhelmed with many new skill options in the first 30 minutes of gameplay. We believe spreading it out overtime will lead to a more satisfying experience.


In line with the above skill selection UI, we've implemented a new dream page which displays before level selection.

The purpose of the dreams page is to create a space where the player can step back for a moment and consider their build and what their character is about. With dreams we're hoping to add some flavour to this experience. It's also highly customizable and we're excited to continue adding many more dreams.

Location details

Overworld locations now have random names, and upon entering display a special pane which includes extra details including a difficulty rating.

This window was blank up until now, so it's nice to have something finally there! With regards to the difficulty rating, we wanted a way to give an idea of relative difficulty without tying it to specific character levels. How much harder is a level 4 difficulty compared to level 1? Well, that's up to you.

Overworld damage indicator

A skull icon will now display when a status effect is causing the player to take damage while moving on the overworld.

Level requirements

Unidentified books now show the required level to identify.

Alchemy recipes, cooking recipes, skill books, and lore books now show the required level to read.


In preparation for the Steam release we've begun making small changes to help make hidden or frustrating behavior more obvious.

Installer changes

We're using a new tool to package the game and minify required libraries.

Other changes

Bug fixes