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April 23, 2021

Patch Notes - v0.2.2b

This is a hotfix patch to correct several issues in the latest update.


Bug fixes:

April 23, 2021

Patch Notes - v0.2.2

Game saving

Saving and loading games is now supported.

Weapon rebalance

Weapon stats have been massively rebalanced to improve variety, affecting almost every weapon in game.

We wanted to provide more variety between weapon types (Daggers vs Swords), but also within the weapon types themselves. While making these changes we did heavy number crunching to ensure newly added strengths and weaknesses were in line.

Weapon level requirements

Advanced weapons (T2 and T3) now have a required skill level to use effectively.

We added this change to discourage players from immediately switching to higher DPS weapons without regard to their weapon skill level. We want to make leveling a specific weapon mastery or weapon a more meaningful decision.

Food and cooking overhaul

Many more food items and recipes have been added to the game, and some raw ingredients are inedible.

These changes were made to reduce the ease of spamming early food items to quickly boost cooking and wisdom levels; to encourage putting wisdom points into cooking in order to use otherwise useless items; and to increase the number of options/increase usefulness of the cooking skill in general.

Hunger system

We are testing out at a secondary usage for food. Hunger takes quite a few turns to apply so the player is not forced to eat constantly, but will occur often enough to encourage planning for it. As a secondary effect, this also buffs low-weight and low-cost foods such as berries.

Exhaustion system

Starting the turn with 0 energy applies the "Exhausted" status effect to the player.

This change is to create more interesting decisions when it comes to energy management, and to punish zero-energy builds, since these builds do not use abilities and we want the player to use abilities!

Potion timing rework

Until now, using a potion in combat was a hard sell, given that it would take en entire turn. This should help increase the usefulness of potions without making them too powerful.

UI changes

Other changes

Bug fixes: