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October 15, 2021

Patch Notes - v0.2.14

This update includes a new dialogue system allowing the player to talk to NPCs.

Also included are bug fixes, new sounds, new books, and some art updates including shop signs.

A special shout-out to LupusKeegan who has joined our team as a lore writer, and written 6 new lore books included in this update.

Note: as mentioned on the community board we've been hard at work on new skills along with new Character Creation settings. These were not quite ready for this patch; hopefully, a new patch soon to follow.

NPC Dialogue

All NPCs can now be spoken to. Shopkeepers will give tips and about related skills and will tell the player about their wares.

Clicking a shop counter will also trigger the dialogue to start. An arrow indicates if there is more text, and can be skipped by clicking anywhere on the screen.

This was an important first step in preparation for both Quests and Guilds, which will require talking to NPCs.

The framework supporting this system is highly customizable and also supports our upcoming plans for dynamic conversations, which are dialogue options based on context such as quest progress or nearby events.

Paid Repairs

Blacksmiths, Clothiers, and the Archery Store now offer paid repairs and will give discounts based on their shop type:

Graphical Changes

Added shop signs. All 17 shop types now have their own symbol:

Updated Dungeon wall art to add subtle shading and detail:

New art for Climbing Pick, Boarding Axe, and Double Flail:

Other changes

Bug fixes