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October 1, 2021

Patch Notes - v0.2.13

This patch focuses on usability and a huge amount of bug fixes. We've been working hard to respond to feedback and address the most frustrating aspects of the game.

Also added is new content including dozens of new sounds effects, a new creature, items and art, along with balance changes.

Note - you should be able to continue saved games from v0.2.12

Tutorial Pop-ups

Helper messages will now appear based on the context to help explain certain aspects of gameplay. Once dismissed, they do not keep appearing.

New Creature

Scorpions can now be found throughout Enalia. They have a fast attack speed, and apply a unique "Venom Bite" status effect.

UI Updates

Updated inventory filter buttons and weight display

Added an orb to the ability bar which glows when player has unspent skill points:

Crafting recipes have an updated layout and also show item icons

Other UI updates

Items and Art

Added rare item "Eagle Helm", along with new art for the Horned Helm

Added art for destroyed spider nests

Added hay beds and statues to Gremlin Forts. The statues will have a bigger role to play in a upcoming faction update:

Simulated Time

On returning to a dungeon the passage of time is now simulated for ALL entities inside, meaning monsters will continue to move and fight in the player's absence. This also fixes the issue of fire remaining on the ground when it should have faded while the player was away.

The loading screen will read "Passing Time" while it processes the dungeon. Note - there is a hard cap to the amount of time that can pass to ensure loading does not take too long.

Other changes

Bug fixes

October 3, 2021

Hotfix v0.2.13b

Bug fixes