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September 17, 2021

Patch Notes - v0.2.12


Added hundreds of sound effects throughout the game. This includes sounds for weapons, abilities, crafting, and map interactions.

Sounds effects are on-going process. More to come as we continue development.

Faction Influence

Gremlin and Bandit factions will now spread influence over the map and build camps as their influence increases.

The amount of influence can be seen on location window:

A newly added faction influence button will show influence across the map (shortcut is "f"):

Factions should add variety to wilderness zones, provides a sense of danger while exploring for resources, and gives the map some life as influence changes over time.

This update also lays the groundwork for our future plans which include: the addition of more factions, the ability to interact with factions in more ways than combat, random events related to faction influence, and the addition of more forts, buildings, and unique faction-specific items.

Faction Forts

Factions can spawn forts in unclaimed territory. Forts are larger structures that increase nearby influence.

Conquer a fort by killing it's leader, causing the faction to flee the area and lose all influence.

Map Size

Vastly increased the size of the main world map, which now spawns with 4 towns and a higher chance of caves.

Permanent Storage

Added storage chest to the sleeping room in each town. This can be used to store any number of items which will not be removed over time.

At some point we'd like to make permanent storage require buying a house or payment to town business (such as a bank or inn). Until then this chest should help the unfairness of having no permanent storage options at all.

User Interface

Added tooltips to skills on the dream level-up page:

Other changes