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August 27, 2021

Patch Notes - v0.2.11

This patch largely focuses on performance improvements and changes to saved game files, but also includes a number of content changes including new creatures, items, a trap, and the introduction of fire.

Performance Fixes

Numerous performance updates. These should help fix a variety of issues.

New Creatures

These Iguana "friends" drop fruit along with a new crafting item, and should add some flavor to the early dungeons. Beware their caustic spit!

Items and Art

Added new art for several items: Plague Doctor's Mask, Kettle Hat, and Rusted Mail Coif.

New item - Mail Coif, which is an upgraded version of the Rusted Mail Coif.

New Trap

A new pressure-plate trap has been added which you'll find throughout Enalia's dungeons.

This is also the first introduction of fire, which burns overtime and slowly dissipates. We have more uses planned for fire, which will be a part of future updates.

Multiple Locations

The location pop-up pane has had it's style updated, allowing selection of a location using hotkeys, and also shows details for the wilderness locations.

This means multiple dungeons can now be on the same tile, and also fixes the issue where exploring a tile that had a dungeon on it would cause a crash.



This change should make the explore wilderness option more obvious to players, and was also needed in preparation for dynamic dungeons, which are dungeons that can be added or removed based on world events, quests, or player actions.

Note - while currently dungeons located on the same tile are completely separate from each other, the longer term plan is to have dungeon entrances integrated into the wilderness tile itself, at which point the location pane would be used for fast entry to previously discovered areas.

Save File Rewrite

How the game saves and loads data has been rewritten. Where previously all data was written to a save file on each save, this new approach only saves changed data.

This was an important change in preparation for new zones and map expansions. Previously, saving the game would take several seconds to complete once many zones had been explored, which was unacceptable given how massive we want to make the world.

Version Switcher

The version switcher is opened from the Main Menu and can be used to access previous game versions.

Updates during Early Access will often break save file compatibility. The version switcher should help combat this. Note - older versions are not launched through steam, and do not support the steam overlay. This is because Steam only allows mapping to a single executable.

Other changes

Bug fixes