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May 13, 2024

Patch Notes - v0.5.7

This update includes a new dungeon & associated quest, along with a death screen.

Save files from version 0.5.6 are compatible. For earlier versions, the quest will be automatically added to your game upon loading.

Duranki Temple

Deep within the Duranki Temple lies the Oracle, an ancient machine of immense power and mystery.

The temple represents the fourth dungeon specifically designed for the Machinists’ storyline and features challenging traps and an especially deadly new enemy type (caution advised near pit edges).

Completing the quest will grant access to the first ability from the Zun school of magic.

You can find the quest at start at a random settlement in Greenhaven (near the starter area). Look for "The Oracle" quest on the local job board.

This dungeon not only advances the machinist storyline but has also served as an important step in enhancing the capabilities of our questing system.

The introduction of the first Zun magic ability is just the beginning. Look forward to more Zun magic abilities in future updates.

Death Screen

On death, you will now be greeted by the King of the Underworld, who has claimed your card!

This wonderfully terrifying illustration was created by Maxwell Arch, the talented artist behind all the character cards in-game.

May 14, 2024

Patch Notes - v0.5.7b


May 15, 2024

Patch Notes - v0.5.7c


May 18, 2024

Patch Notes - v0.5.7d


May 18, 2024

Patch Notes - v0.5.7e


May 18, 2024

Patch Notes - v0.5.7f