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April 16, 2024

Patch Notes - v0.5.5

Keyboard controls for all interactions with the game world including ability targeting, looting, and talking to NPCs.

Also included are bug fixes and improvements to how the game manages memory.

Save files from v0.5.4 are compatible.

Visual Effects

Enhanced targeting visuals: Animations now clearly indicate which targets will be affected by an ability.

Player path animations updated:

Keyboard Targeting

All abilities can now target using keyboard controls.

Keyboard Controls

Added 3 new keyboard controls: [G]et, [T]alk, and [E] interact.

Quaff, Feed, and Medicine

Introducing three new commands: [Q]uaff, [F]eed, and [M]edicine.

Press the corresponding key to open a quick-item menu, allowing you to quickly use an item without navigating the inventory.

These can also be accessed from the action menu.

List Navigation via Keyboard

The loot window can now be navigated with keyboard controls, enabling you to take individual items without the use of the mouse.

Press [Up] and [Down] or numpad keys to navigate the list, and [Space] to take an item.

Use any of these keys to activate list navigation. Alternatively, select "List Navigation via Keyboard" in options to enable it automatically.

Currently, only the loot and quick-item windows support keyboard navigation. Future updates will extend support to other UI windows.

Other Changes

Bug Fixes

Apr 17, 2024

Patch Notes - v0.5.5b