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Feb 8, 2023

Patch Notes - v0.5.4

Factions summon armies, settlements can be attacked and turned destitute, and bandit hordes wander the map. Gear up for a more engaging and challenging world.

This is a massive change! Expect continuing balance changes and fixes in the coming months.

Save files from v0.5.3 are NOT compatible.

Faction Warfare

Factions will now spawn armies reflective of their wealth and strategic interests.

These armies attack settlements to expand their territory and will patrol and defend their holdings, creating a living world of conflict and conquest.

Join battles to defend cherished locations or tip the balance in factional conflicts.

Strategic window lets you know the time remaining until a battle is completed.

Your participation will be rewarded with not just loot and experience but also a tangible impact on the game's evolving geopolitical landscape.

Enable the faction overlay while in the world map to see faction influence.

How it works:

For more details, including information about how factions gain and spend wealth, see the recent dev blog.

Human Factions

Previously, there was a single generic "human" faction. This has been removed and split into 3 named factions:

Verdant Guard

Forest dwellers, who reside near where the player starts.


Empire loyalists, typically found in mountainous regions.


Fiercely independent desert dwellers.

Each human faction starts with its own territory and influence, which will shrink or grow based on the influence of other factions.

Bandit Factions

Three new wandering bandit factions have also been added.

Eagle Clan

Small groups with strong units, the Eagle Clan prefers the mountains and forests.

Cragwolf Outlaws

A powerful, bloodthirsty bandit group, with a unique dual axes drop.

Barren Outcasts

Ill-equipped but with larger numbers.

Wandering bandits do not control territory but will attack and wreak havoc on all non-bandit factions (including the player).

Desert Towns

To match the desert theme, Aridax towns have newly added building and pathway art.


Upon entering settlements (villages, cities, and towns), you'll notice a new feature: prosperity. Visible on the location window, prosperity is represented with an indicator showing its current level and the trend of where it's heading.

Prosperity is a direct reflection of the economic health of a settlement, influencing the availability of shops, presence of adventurers and quests, frequency of traveling merchants, and the number of guards available.

The below screenshot is of a closed shop. As a town loses prosperity, shop owners will pack up and leave.

How it works:

Prosperity Ranks

Category Range Description
Destitute 0-10 The settlement is nearly abandoned. It exerts no influence on the world map.
Impoverished 11-30 Limited resources and low morale.
Stable 31-60 The average, everyday life of a settlement with basic amenities available.
Prospering 61-85 A flourishing settlement with abundant resources.
Wealthy 86-100 The pinnacle of prosperity, featuring the best goods and services available.

Gremlin Dungeons

Added 6 new room types to Gremlin Dungeons for more variation. These rooms have a chance to spawns in small and large Fortresses.

Simultaneous Turns

This drastically speeds up combat when fighting in larger numbers. Instead of waiting for all enemies to take their turn one by one, entities will attack and move in the smallest number of batches.

All combat now uses "Simultaneous Turns," allowing enemy units to take their turn at the same time.

Other Changes

Feb 10, 2024

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Feb 10, 2024

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Mar 3, 2024

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