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Oct 24, 2023

Patch Notes - v0.5.3

XP Rebalance + QoL and bug fixes.

Save files from v0.5.2 are compatible.

XP & Wisdom Adjustments

We’ve extended XP rewards to include all abilities and recipes. The majority of abilities grant XP during use, with some offering unique approaches to XP gain, such as the athletics ability "Tumbling," which bestows XP when successfully dodging an attack.

XP Log

Added an XP log. By clicking the "XP" tab in your notification log, you can review all recent XP gains for both skill experience and wisdom.

Tooltip Display

Additionally, a new setting "Show XP Gain" has been added. Enable this option under General -> Tooltips to show exact XP gains for all abilities and recipes.

Additional Changes

Java Version

Updated Java version from Java 14 to Java 21.

This gives significant performance improvements on some systems, and also fixes lag issues experienced by some users.

New Player Experience & Polish

Some initial steps to improve the experience in subtle ways. This is part of an ongoing initiative which includes UI modifications, providing clearer starting guidance, and ensuring consistent storytelling.

Improved loot User Interface (UI). This redesigned UI will not obscure the object being looted. We want you to see what it is you're looting!

Stat Sources

To provide clearer insight into your character stats, contributing factors to a stat's total value are displayed within the stat tooltip.

Other Changes

Bug Fixes