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Oct 1, 2023

Patch Notes - v0.5.1

Introducing the Desert - a whole new biome with exotic creatures and new items & mechanics.

Also included is a new melee skill "Warrapt", an overhaul to the Chivalry skill, and changes to character creation.

Save files from v0.5.0 are NOT compatible.

Desert Biome

This new biome is teeming with danger, with predatory Wyrms and Scorpions lurking beneath the sands.

Staying safe requires strategically navigating between the smaller rocky islands amid a vast ocean of sand.

Map Generation

The world map generates with at least one expansive desert region, interspersed with smaller desert patches.

The Desert Dwellers

The desert is now home to seven new creatures: Sand Wyrm, Dune Flyer, Silt Strider, Sandscale Viper, Sandshell Prowler, Sandshell Titan, and Desert Scorpion.

Surviving the Heat

Be wary of accumulating "Sunscorched" wounds, which can be cured by consuming cactus fruit, or through a medicine item. Sunscorch accumulates as you traverse the scorching desert but dissipates quickly in cooler biomes..

Plants & Potions:

Four new harvestable plants can be used to brew five newly-added potions: Bulwark Extract, Fireflash, Sunhorn Elixir, Dalaar Deflection, and Blossomguard Brew.


We've added a new skill "Warrapt", which includes 20 new abilities and passives.


Chivalry has received a significant update, featuring new abilities, upgrades, and a unique "Oaths" mechanic.

As part of this change we've refined the Knight's background lore for better coherence with the game world, removing all references to Arthurian knighthood—no more 'Sirs,' Squires, or medieval titles. Instead, Knights are now envisioned as defenders of good, intrinsically linked to an ancient order called the Knights of Ahnais (more to be revealed as we progress on the main story and add Knight NPCs to the game world).

Altar of Ahnais

Forests, Plains, and Deserts now have a chance to spawn an Altar of Ahnais.

These Altars are closely related to the new "Oaths" mechanic in Chivalry. By slaying beasts, the Knight can collect "Oaths of the Fallen," which may be offered at the Altar for rewards.

This Altar is the first of many special map features to come. We imagine a world filled with relics and altars, each offering unique effects or services, relating to specific guilds, quests, and world lore.
While currently only usable by the Knight, future updates will introduce a secondary effect to the Altar of Ahnais, accessible by all classes.

Character Creation

Starting items are now shown as part of character creation, and can be rerolled an unlimited times.

Other Changes


We've introduced three new stats: Physical Warding, Mental Warding, and Magic Warding.

In addition to the aforementioned enchantments and Knowledge abilities, these new warding stats have been included in abilities within both Chivalry and Warrapt.
We recognized a gap in the combat system—players had no way to defend against various debuffs that didn't qualify as wounds. These warding stats aim to address this.

Ability Time

All activated abilities now show their use time in the tooltip.

Since several passives now give increased ability speed, it felt right to show the exact time cost on all ability icons which can be seen on the bottom right.
As part of this change we've standardized how ability activation speed works, going through all abilities and specifying how their speed works in a more precise way. Note that some abilities are based on the speed of your equipped weapon, while others like 'Reload' or 'Mark Prey' have their own intrinsic.

Other Changes

Bug Fixes

Oct 2, 2023

Patch Notes - v0.5.1b

Bug Fixes

Oct 3, 2023

Patch Notes - v0.5.1c

Bug Fixes