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June 30, 2023

Patch Notes - v0.5.0

Welcome to the "Gremlin Fortresses" update, packed with so much stuff it's practically bursting at the seams!

Save files from v0.4.13 are NOT compatible.

The Rise of the Gremlins

Prepare to explore new dungeons, encounter a host of new creatures, and face off against King Grimjaw in his mighty stronghold.

New Dungeons: A Threat Emerging

Three new types of dungeons: the Gremlin Outpost, the Gremlin Fortress, and Grimjaw's Stronghold. These dungeons not only bring a fresh visual experience, but also employ all-new layout algorithms for a distinct look and layout.

New Creatures: The Gremlin Hordes

Meet the terrifying new faces of the Gremlin faction - Snatcher, Trapmaster, Ogre, Shaman Elder, Looter, Bugler, Experimenter, Sergeant, and General. Brace yourselves for the unexpected.

The Boss: King Grimjaw

Stand before King Grimjaw, a fearsome giant revered by his horde. Are you ready for the ultimate battle?

Other additions

New Logo

Our game logo, and all related steam art has been redesigned.

Nearly two years have passed since our Early Access release, and our game has evolved significantly during that time. To reflect this substantial progress, it was time to give our logo a well-deserved update.
We're thrilled with the results of this comprehensive visual revamp. Congratulations to Maxwell Arch for his outstanding work in bringing this vision to life.

Damage Types

All damage is now categorized into six types: Physical, Fire, Thunder, Ice, Hex, and Decay, each with a corresponding resistance type.

These damage types are displayed in the text log. Physical damage is indicated by a simple number, while other damage types are color-coded and display with the name, for example "4 decay". If multiple damage is dealt in the same attack, the break down is shown in brackets.

Wound resistances are displayed separately with their own set of icons, to clearly distinguish them from damage types.

We've also updated creatures, items, and abilities to use the new damage categories appropriately. Also added are new jewelry and armor that offer resistances to specific types of damage.

Please bear with us as we continue to fine-tune these changes! The introduction of damage types is an ongoing effort that will require further adjustments, and additional ways to both deal and resist damage of each type.

Equipment Icons

Added icons for all remaining armor and weapons.

That's a lot of icons! Shout-out to artist Yokcos for his hard work on these.

Nature Magic & Summoning

New abilities, upgrades, and enhanced summoning features. Yes, you can now summon a bear.


In addition to its original purpose of displacing enemies, knockback now packs additional tactical surprises that could turn the tide of battle.

Other Changes

Bug Fixes

July 5, 2023

Patch Notes - v0.5.0b

Bug Fixes

Other Changes

July 7, 2023

Patch Notes - v0.5.0c

Bug Fixes

July 11, 2023

Patch Notes - v0.5.0d

Bug Fixes

Other Changes

July 21, 2023

Patch Notes - v0.5.0e

Bug Fixes

July 22, 2023

Patch Notes - v0.5.0f

Bug Fixes

July 22, 2023

Patch Notes - v0.5.0g

Bug Fixes