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December 2, 2022

Patch Notes - v0.4.7

Major changes to travel, the addition of crafting techniques, and new weapon abilities and upgrades.

Save files from v0.4.6 ARE compatible.

Travel Weariness

Travel weariness increases as you travel in the overworld. If it gets to 100%, you will pass out from exhaustion.

Travel Weariness is intended to allow for the possibility of story and risk, makes campsites and sleep more useful, and to remove the annoyance of hunger. I'm looking forward to hear feedback!
For those interested in a behind-the-scenes look, see Dev Blog #16 - Travel Weariness.

Map Changes

Increased the map size by around +50%.


The Campsite Kit is a new item which places a bed, campfire, and storage chest permanently onto the map, offering a convenient way to reduce travel weariness or store items.

Placing a campsite adds a permanent icon on the overworld map.

Weapon Skills

All melee weapon skills have been updated with new abilities, passives, and upgrades. That's right, upgrade-able abilities are now supported!

These changes should provide more build variety, allowing you to spec hard into a few abilities, or spread out and create interesting combos. On average, melee weapon skills now have double the number of options to spend your points on.
Now that upgradeable abilities is supported, in the coming updates, upgrade options will be added to all skills with Ranged, Archery, and Arbalism to come next.

Crafting Techniques

Cooking and Alchemy recipes no longer require focus points to unlock. Instead, spend your focus points to unlock techniques, with each recipe requiring a set of techniques.

Techniques that are required to craft a recipe are shown in the recipe tooltip, and also in the recipe window.

The previous system of spending focus points to unlock Cooking/Alchemy recipes felt weird. The "Recipe discovered" text mislead players into thinking they could now craft the item, only to click their recipe book and wonder why it's missing.
Another consideration is that as more recipes were added to the game - a crafter would not have enough points to unlock everything. Imagine a master chef unable to learn how to boil an egg because they lack the points.
This new system makes a lot of sense to us, and has been carefully balanced to add different possible paths as Cooking and Alchemy is leveled.

Food Update

Food bonuses rebalanced, and several new foods added.

These changes are to create more balanced food progression curve, and give identity to the different item types. For example, Meat-based foods will tend to give more Health, while plant-based recipes give high Energy Recovery.

Skill Investment

Skill Investment is a new mechanic to help balance builds that use many skills vs. investing heavily into only a few.

It will make more sense when you try it out in game!

Trap Highlighting

When a path would take the player through a tile with a discovered trap, the path will now turn red with traps clearly highlighted.

XP Rate

The formula behind the XP curve has been modified. Level 30 requires the same XP over all, but more spread out over the levels.

Early levels were too quick, the later levels too slow. This is because wisdom gain is pretty constant once the player survives the early game. This new curve should help fix that.
For those who want to see the math, see below! My friend with a math degree helped fine-tune (so you know it's good).

Quality of Life

Other Changes

Bug Fixes

December 2, 2022

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