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Aug 30, 2022

Patch Notes - v0.4.5

We have a large batch of changes for you today. This one is difficult to summarize, given the number of items and how many areas were hit.

In short: civilians now wander the city streets; an overhaul to the reading skill, alongside a new "Studying" mechanic allowing you to gain and spend knowledge points; new quests; and new options to ignore enemies while moving.

Save files from v0.4.4 are not compatible.


Added housing districts to towns and cities, and civilians who live in the houses. Civilians walk around town, have their own schedule and randomized personality.

These changes should help settlements feel more alive and is a natural progression towards our goal to create a massive thriving medieval RPG world.
Note, however this will not be the last word on towns, there is more still to come. However, we reached a point where civilians were necessary for quests. And since the civilians were being added, they needed to have dialogue. This also meant it was time to introduce a dynamic dialogue system. As we continue development, this dialogue system will also be extended.


Studying allows you to extract knowledge, XP, and new abilities from books.

Use a study bench to select a book to study.

Then, overtime as you play the game and gain wisdom, the study will slowly progress.

Studying a book rewards Worldlore, Mysticism, and Philosophy knowledge, which can be spent to unlock bonuses.

For those players who use studying, I wanted to create an experience of hunting down esoteric knowledge and ancient books, in a way that progresses over time throughout a play-through.
The system is designed to provide abilities, many of them hidden behind books, which support unique and strange builds, or help to mitigate annoyances or challenges unique to individual play styles. For example, the "Castle Design" passive automatically reveals stairs in all castles, for those players who want to skip exploring the entire floor.
This system was designed with extensibility in mind. Over time, as new books are added, so too will new knowledge abilities. Some of these will not be easy to find!
Currently, the only way to gain knowledge is through studying. Eventually, knowledge will be attainable through various other means as well, including quest rewards. More details to follow in an upcoming blog post.


In line with the above changes to studying, the Reading skill has received 10 new abilities.

The reading skill goes along side Studying system, allowing you to study more books and study faster (along with other perks).

Crafting User Interface

New UI art for all crafting windows (recipes, crafting, bolster, repair, and salvage), along with other QoL changes.



Movement Options

New Options allow you to customize when movement pathing should be stopped.

Previously, a single rat in the corner would drastically slow down gameplay, forcing you to click for each tile.

With this change, you can fine-tune your pathing, allowing you to play as fast (or as recklessly) as you prefer. This reduces the number of clicks giving more options to experience players who don't need the game forcing them to move slower in combat.

Other Changes

Bug Fixes

Sep 1, 2022

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Sep 3, 2022

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