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April 21, 2023

Patch Notes - v0.4.13

This update sees the addition of monster sounds, improved display scaling options, and various other changes and bug fixes.

Save files from v0.4.12 are compatible.

Monster Sounds

We've extended our engine to support a variety of sounds for monsters and enemy units, creating a new layer of immersion.

Monsters will now produce sounds during various actions, such as being attacked, attacking, dodging, moving, dying, starting their turn, or announcing themselves when first spotted.

Display Scaling

Two new scaling settings have been added: "World Scaling" and "Use OS Scaling".

"World Scaling" - adjusts the game world elements, such as tiles, creatures, and art, to improve visibility and gameplay experience on different screen sizes. This enhancement affects both zoom levels (zoomed in and zoomed out).

Although the pixel art was not designed for significant scaling, we understand that larger resolutions may require this setting. Please be aware that this feature is still being refined. Changing the setting may cause art in previously generated zones to appear misaligned. It is recommended to set this at the start of your game.

"OS Scaling" - In a previous update, we made the game ignore the operating system scaling. As it turns out, some users did need this option. Enabling "Use OS Scaling" allows the game to utilize your operating system's scaling settings. This may be helpful for users with TV displays but could result in a stretched, blurry appearance. For optimal visuals, consider using World and UI scaling instead.

Armor Art

We've begun adding unique icons for all armor pieces. In this update, included are 12 new icons for the Banded, Bonesplint, and Heavy T1 armor sets.

Also included are small tweaks to several sets, new helmets, and matching undershirt colors to better differentiate the armor tiers.

Other Changes

Bug Fixes

April 24, 2023

Patch Notes - v0.4.13b

Bug Fixes