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April 11, 2023

Patch Notes - v0.4.12

This update is a big one! We're rolling out a massive Armor Overhaul featuring over 150 new armor items, and introducing new gameplay elements such as Travelling Merchants, the Dreadheart skill, and the Blackwood Marauders faction.

Also included are improvements to the world map generation, the introduction of the rare Weapon Makers event, and various bug fixes. We hope you enjoy exploring the new features and content in this update!

Save files from v0.4.11 are NOT compatible.

Armor Overhaul

We've added a wide range of new armor sets.

Many of the new additions draw inspiration from real medieval armors, such as Brigandine, Lamellar, Meshweave, Scale, Chain, and Ringmail. Alongside these historically-inspired sets, we've also introduced fantasy armors like the powerful Wyrmskin (crafted from wyrm scales), Bonesplint (forged from ogre bones), Emberhide, Savagehide, and more.

All armor is categorized into three types: light, medium, and heavy. Within these categories, each set boasts varying bonuses for further customization, and some sets follow a clear progression path.

Light Armor

Provides dodge chance, some resistance, and has no negative stats. Within this category are standard leather sets which give the best dodge chance, a group of archer-focused gear with enhanced crit and accuracy, and the woodsman set for energy-hungry travellers.

Medium Armor

Medium armor typically offers good physical and wound resistance without penalties. Shown below are the standard sets, and 4 unique sets which you'll have to find in-game.

Heavy Armor

Heavy armor provides the best protection in the game, but comes with certain drawbacks such as decreased energy.

Note that in the current version, some armor will be harder to find and use. As we continue to build the world, these new sets will be further integrated as new faction gear, guild armor, or quest rewards.

Travelling Merchants

Travelling merchants will set up stalls in towns and cities to sell their goods, but buy fast, they only stick around for a few days!


All new skill. Dreadheart includes 13 new abilities and passives, with over 60 wisdom points to spend.

Defeating Dungeons

Faction dungeons can now be defeated. This allows you to see what dungeons you've completed and remove that pesky faction influence.

Blackwood Marauders

The Blackwood Marauders are a ragtag group of outlaws who operate as a Robin Hood-style gang and will spawn several dungeons in a forest near where the player starts.

These guys have learned to live off the land, growing their own food and raising a pack of loyal hunting dogs to assist them in their raids, and serve as an alternative enemy to your typical bandits.

The Weapon Makers

Added a new rare event. This group, who lives between worlds, will sometimes spawn portals to their special weapon shops in random dungeons.

Other Changes

Bug Fixes

April 14, 2023

Patch Notes - v0.4.12b

Bug Fixes